Welcome to Bin1 ATE

Our Company

Bin1ATE is an innovative test equipment company in the Boston area with primary focus on analog and mixed signal test. We offer test cell productivity solution through incredibly fast test times. Our testers have demonstrated, in production environment, 200%-400% productivity gains over competing testers. 

About Us

Bin1 has developed the fastest Mixed Signal Automated Test System for Analog, Mixed Signal, and Power Management ICs.  We offer an innovative, patented solution that at least doubles Test Cell Productivity.  It also offers fast time-to-market, Engineering efficiency, Operational flexibility and best in class ROI improvements not achievable with present Mixed Signal test platforms.  True disruptive answer to Test that requires attention.  To learn more contact us at sales@bin1ate.com.


The Ceres 1000 is a tester-in-a-test head system solution with 32 universal slots. It was designed from the ground up for speed and repeat-ability to cover a range of Power Management and Mixed Signal integrated circuits   Among the many characteristics of the Ceres 1000 test system is patented Determinism which eliminates the need for re-qualification when new software is added or new and faster computers become available. 

Our instrumentations provide independentresources per pin, Time Stamper capability, plus System-integrated CBITs, TMU, trigger bus, and global control signals. The flexibility of our design reduces the need for countless relays to switch in separate instruments for simpler functions.  Not only does the configuration require less density, the system also requires significantly simpler code in your program to conduct multi-site and multi-tasking tests.